No matter what your product or service, the business of reaching potential customers is more competitive than ever.

And the ways in which to disseminate your message has become more and more complex. The power of the web. The decline of traditional print. The creation of an ever evolving media matrix.

Without the right tools and expertise, it’s easy to spend valuable marketing dollars ineffectively.

TMR combines decades of experience with the most up-to-date research and technology to ensure that you reach the right people in the most effective manner possible. Before an actual message is developed, we create a strategy to ensure success.

That starts with getting to know your business…who you are…where you’ve been…where you’re going. Once an end goal is established, we utilize our vast array of resources to ensure you get there.

Benefits of working with tmr

Market Knowledge

Clients of TMR are provided with expert research on consumers and markets. Often this data is supplied at no charge because TMR has other non-competitive clients who share in the agency’s general expertise.


Constant turnover of media representatives (i.e. radio, television, billboard, magazine, and newspaper salespeople) can lead to information leaks about a client’s business by someone who no longer has a vested interest in the client. TMR allows the client to deal with one interested and loyal account executive who owns a share of the business they represent.


TMR clients deal with one company. TMR will assume the responsibility of entertaining the many media reps that would normally call directly on the advertising client. In addition, TMR takes care of the time-consuming logistical functions (ie. contract negotiation, research, billing, production) that burden average business owners.


TMR’s first alliance is with the advertising client. This allows for a degree of honesty that does not normally exist in the direct media salesperson to client relationship.


A wide variety of television and radio production along with graphic resources are available through TMR for use by advertising clients that require unusual, unique, fresh and effective commercial content by award-winning artists and directors.


TMR takes all necessary steps to ensure the cost efficiency of any advertising purchased for a client. Any rates paid by TMR for advertising space or time are equal to, or lower than, fair market value. In addition, TMR will carefully select advertising sources that target the primary audience demographic for the client’s product or service.

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