About Us

Now more than ever businesses need to establish themselves in the marketplace to prove that they are still viable in the age of the corporate giant.

Of course, the only way to do that is through sound marketing strategy and execution. And while you may not have the $100 million advertising budget to compete with national superstores or merger-happy rivals, TMR can still help you establish a competitive edge, utilizing every ad dollar to its fullest potential.

The range of TMR’s service covers virtually everything your business may need to expand market share, enter new markets, increase internal productivity or enhance your image.

Our involvement can be as extensive or as minimal as you wish, from a full marketing plan to one of our many specific services.

At TMR, we’ve worked for our clients since 1981, building on their strengths and strengthening the less successful facets of their business. Through extensive market research, strategic planning, hands-on account supervision, pinpoint media placement and standout creative, we specialize in increasing our clients’ viability while staying within their budgets.

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